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Signs Your Semi Needs Its Air Conditioner Checked

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Driving trucks for a living means you have to be comfortable at all times. Driving long hours behind the wheel in a variety of seasons means your air conditioning needs to be in good repair. Here are signs your semi needs its air conditioner checked; the sooner you notice the signs, the sooner you can get repairs done before you have no AC at all.

Fan not running

When you turn your air conditioner on, you should instantly feel the cool air coming at you. Sometimes the AC works just fine, but the fan refuses to budge or whirs inconsistently. If you turn your AC on in your semi and you hear the motor running but feel no cool air — or low air output — then the fan needs to be inspected.

AC not operating on all settings

Sometimes your AC works just fine until you set it to the highest setting. Your air conditioning should work on all its settings in order to provide you with sufficient ventilation and cooling. Test your air conditioner before you drive on a long haul by turning the AC on all its settings; if any of the settings don't work, then you need to have your unit looked at.

Warm or lukewarm air output

Your air conditioner should always provide cool air once the unit has been running for a few moments. If you get instant hot air, wait a few moments to see if the temperatures cool. If the temps in your AC only reach a warm or lukewarm setting or remain hot in the air output, then your air conditioner isn't working as it should. Get your air conditioner repaired as soon as you can since running your semi without a cooling unit can make your drive very uncomfortable or even dangerous.

No response when turned on

Your air conditioner may fail out of nowhere, being just fine one drive then not working at all the next. Without turning on your engine, turn on your air conditioner and listen closely for signs of life: your air conditioner should make a gentle whirring or humming sound while sending out air at the same time. If your unit is silent, then your air conditioner isn't working and needs to be repaired or have some parts replaced right away. Refer to a commercial truck company that provides air conditioner repair service, like Color Country Diesel Inc, to have all your air conditioning needs met.