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4 Factors That Determine Windshield Replacement Costs

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If the small chip or crack on your windshield degenerates into a bigger problem, your windshield can crack. If you want to install a new one, you must contact windshield replacement services.

Without your windshield, your car is not safe. Even though you've observed proper windshield maintenance, impact or a freak accident can damage the windshield.

You'll need windshield replacement services to install new glass to enhance safety inside your car and on the road. But what determines the cost of replacing your windshield? Here are some considerations.

1. Vehicle Make and Model

The make of your car has a direct effect on the amount you'll pay to replace the windshield. If you own a high-end vehicle with special windshield glass, you'll pay more for the replacement.  If your auto mechanic has to go through the dealer to acquire the replacement shield, it will cost more.

You need to know that different models use different types of windshield glass. If it takes specialist skills to replace the glass on your SUV or convertible vehicle, you'll get a bigger replacement invoice. It's advisable to consult windshield replacement services for guidance on the ideal glass type for your car model

2. Windshield Selection

Does your car need a dealer procured windshield or an OEM alternative? Essentially, OEM windshields are a low-cost option. When you choose OEM glass, you get a replacement windshield that is almost the same as the original version. Equally, if you choose aftermarket replacement shields, you'll pay less though these windshields come with basic specifications. You need to contact a reliable windshield replacement technician to guide you on the ideal glass type for your replacement windshield.

3. Special Windshield Features

The cost of replacing a tech-savvy windshield is higher than replacing an ordinary one. If you have special windshield-mounted features, replacing them can cost more. If you must replace the rain sensors, shade bands, heat sensors, or special molding, the costs will go up. Other factors that will sway the cost of replacement include windshield curvature, hydrophobic coating, and digital display coatings. If your windshield requires special techniques and work, you'll spend more.

4. Type of Insurance Cover

If you've insured your vehicle comprehensively, it's possible that the insurer will pay for the replacement without deductibles. If you're paying a deductible through an insurer, the replacement cost is lower than what you'll have to pay out of pocket. Your insurance will chip in if your deductible is more than the cost of windshield replacement.