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The Three Essentials You Need For Your First RV Trip

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If you are in the process of purchasing your first RV, here are the three essentials that you are going to need to pack up when you take your new-used RV out on its first trip.

#1 Firewood

Just because you are traveling in your RV does not mean that you need to miss miss out on the joy of a campfire. Most RV camping spots include outdoor campfires pits that you can use.

Although many campgrounds and RV parks will sell you firewood, it can be expensive, so if you want to cut down on costs, you may want to load up a little firewood in the undercarriage storage area on your RV. However, if you are short on space, you can generally purchase the firewood from the campground or RV park where you are staying at.

#2 Water

When you start out on your trip, you don't have to fill your water tank all the way up. Driving with all that water is going to add a lot of extra weight to your RV, which will drag down your gas mileage. If you know that you are heading to an RV park or campground where you plan on staying for a while, fill up your water storage tank when you reach where you will be staying. Most campgrounds have places where you can fill up your water tank with potable water.

If you choose to use this method for filling your water tank, be sure to make sure that you can fill up your water tank where you are staying. On your trip home, you'll want to dump out all water waste at the waste station to reduce the weight of water that you bring back home with you as well.

#3 Food

You don't want to stock up the kitchen in your RV like you do in your house. Make a meal plan for what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your trip. Be sure to plan for snack food as well. Take into account that you will most likely eat out a few times during your trip, although it is great to have a few back-up meals planned as well. Try to stick to things that are rely on dry goods as much as possible, and only purchase perishable foods that you can eat within the first few days of your trip. Pick up and purchase perishable food as you go so you don't have spoiled food in your fridge; in a small space, spoiled food can quickly ruin the air quality.