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Five Ways Retractable Truck Steps Can Make Your Life Easier

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Whether your truck is barely out of the dealer's lot or whether you already have a running board and are looking for something a little more kid-friendly, a retractable truck step may be just the accessory you're looking for. Here are five ways these steps can make your life easier.

1. Keeping your clothes out of the mud

You may have noticed that climbing into a tall truck while wearing flowing clothes can end in disaster, especially during the muddy season. A step can give you a safe place to rest your foot while climbing without getting your skirt, jeans, or coat all muddy from the doorwell.

2. Improving accessibility for low-mobility family members

If you frequently have passengers with limited mobility, a retractable truck step can be the best way to help them. It lowers down further than a running board, making it easier for them to access the step. The step can also stick out more than a running board can, providing a safer foothold.

3. Improving kid-friendliness

Maybe you have a half-dozen kids already and they love your truck so much it's hard to watch them struggle in and out. Or maybe you have a kid who's still in a rear-facing car seat and you're just thinking ahead. In any case, a retractable truck step can make climbing into the car that much less of a struggle for your kids when the time is right.

This also applies to short people, so if you have any friends you like to tease for being short (or if you're that person in your friend group), a truck step is a true necessity. After all, you can lift your kids into their seats if need be, but your friends are another story.

4. Retracting automatically

If you don't want to have to lean down and adjust a muddy truck step every time you use it, an automatic step is definitely the one for you. These extend and retract all on their own, meaning that you don't have to get your hands dirty; the convenient step is just there for you when you need it, and when you don't need it, it's safely stowed away.

5. Improving clearance

The higher your truck is off the ground, the more ground clearance you've gained . . . until you add a running board. Choosing a retractable step instead can sidestep this problem, since it folds up when not in use.

These five points show how a retractable truck step can keep the joy in owning a truck with enormous ground clearance. Improving accessibility and safety while not giving up any ground clearance or convenience, these steps are the perfect solution for lifted trucks and other high-up vehicles.